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Sustainability  –  Santa Caterina has undertaken a grand commitment to decrease its environmental footprint and increase the sustainability of the services it offers.

ENERGY CONSERVATION – We are working to reduce energy use while sustaining and, whenever possible, enhancing the guest experience. All our apartments have been built using material with high insulating power, the perimeter walls are made up of a thermal insulation sandwich. All internal and external lights are with LED technology. To heat the water we use special solar panels positioned above the roof and natural gas is used only when necessary.

WATER CONSERVATION – We continue to implement efficiencies that reduce water with the installation of low-flow faucets, shower-heads, and other fixtures.

RECYCLING AND WASTE REDUCTION – In our structure there is a special ecological area for the differentiation of waste: plastic, paper, wet. We ask all our guests to respect waste separation.

From 2019, parking with standard Shuko electric socket is available on request for charging electric powered vehicles , please ask for parking with electrical plug in advance, to check availability.